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The Flemish Evaluation Platform / Vlaams Evaluatieplatform (VEP) is an open network for all actors involved and interested in public policy evaluation, within all policy sectors and governmental levels in Belgium. Its working language is Dutch.
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 VEP symposium 2009

On 18/2/2009 VEP organises its 1st annual symposium. Topic is the use of indicators to monitor and evaluate public policy, programs and measures.
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The VEP-initiatives 2008 / 2009

Every year, the VEP organises itself workshops, breakfast sessions and a symposium. In 2008 / begin 2009 workshops adress the different stages in an evaluation process: planning, implementation and influence.
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 Launch of the VEP (7-12-2007)

On December 7th 2007 the Flemish Evaluation Platform was officially inaugurated in attendance of more than 200 interested people, in the Flemish Parliament.

 Free VEP-newsletter & membership

Membership of the VEP is free. Members receive periodically the e-newsletter (in Dutch) to stay the best informed on events and news from the evaluation community in Belgium and abroad.
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 Contact the VEP for...

-suggestions to contribute to VEP-initiatives (workshops, breakfast sessions, symposium)

- announcements of events, initiatives and weblinks regarding evaluation, organised in Belgium or abroad, to be added to our calender on the website and in the newsletter

- opportunities for partnerships and cooperation in support of evaluation events

- questions on policy evaluation in Belgium and Flanders

- diffusion of documentation: new evaluation reports, articles, working papers,...

- practical questions

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