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The Flemish Evaluation Platform (Vlaams Evaluatieplatform - VEP) aims to support networking in the field of evaluation theory and practice by:

  • taking initiatives to organise VEP-activities: workshops, breakfast sessions and symposia
  • referring to activities by others: congresses, symposia, workshops, education and training.

VEP- workshops
Three times a year - in spring, summer and autumn- the VEP organises a workshop during half a day on varying themes. The intention is to present a practical case, followed by reflections by two discussants and a debate with all participants.

VEP - breakfast sessions
On an ad hoc basis, the VEP organises meetings for a small group of participants with national and foreign personalities from the world of evaluation. The objective is to have short and more informal meetings and exchange of ideas, during a breakfast.

VEP - symposium
Once a year in the winter season the VEP organises a conference day on a central and actual theme in policy evaluation. Several speakers present there vision and experiences, with sufficient opportunities for interaction with the public.

The VEP also gathers information on activities organised by others. The calender provides an oversight of all (known) events on evaluation, both the VEP-initiatives and other activities.

Do you organise your-self events related to policy evaluation? Let us know!

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